How Can A Visit To The Sauna Aid My Slumbers?

29 August 2023

Set to the beautiful backdrop of nature, Yurtshire is a haven of peace and wellness. Besides
the calming impact of seeking sanctuary in the great outdoors, our new glass-fronted Kirami
Outdoor Sauna and Spa Treatment Yurt now also offers a myriad of well-being benefits.

People have explored the benefits of saunas for over 3,000 years – dating back to when the
Mayans in Central America used ‘sweat houses’ in order to induce religious experiences and
increase their health. In fact, historians have found that almost every ancient culture has
used heat for some form of relaxation throughout the centuries – from Native American sweat
lodges to Roman baths.

So why are saunas so good for our health and wellbeing – and how can they help me

Saunas are renowned for their many health benefits. They assist with stress reduction,
improve heart health, aid in recovery after exercise, flush toxins and improve brain health.
Research has also shown that the use of a sauna can induce a deeper sleep. In addition to
the release of endorphins (which are known to aid sleep), body temperatures that become
elevated in the evening will fall at bedtime. This slow, relaxing decline in endorphins is key to
facilitating sleep – the perfect relaxation tool before heading off for a night of deep dreaming.

What’s more, our luxurious spa treatments, which take place in the unique Spa Yurt, are
designed to rejuvenate the senses and relax the body and mind. They vary from a full-body
Swedish massage – with your choice of pre-blended oil – to a reflexology treatment, featuring
a relaxing lower leg and foot massage.

We also offer a variety of yoga classes each week; helping guests to move, breathe and
relax. Spend time unwinding in the cosy Yoga Yurt, with the opportunity to meet other like-
minded yogis while escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Find out more about our Yurtshire wellness facilities, or book your spa treatments today.

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