Our Hot Tubs

Lighting the Hot Tub

Get ready to relax

Each of our yurts have their own private, luxury wood fired hot tub situated next to the yurt.

Chopping logs and lighting the hot tub is all part of the Yurtshire experience. To see what to do, follow the instructions below or watch the short video on this page.

How to heat the hot tub

  1. Chop a couple of logs into kindling using the chopping block and axe provided.
  2. Open the metal door of the burner and place two logs inside the center of the burner. Chop larger logs in half if needed
  3. Add a couple of firelighter cubes on top of the logs and light the firelighters.
  4. Using the fire glove, place some kindling on top of the logs.
  5. Close the burner door and open the air vent using the black lever.
  6. After 15-20 minutes check the fire and add a couple of extra logs. Close the burner door after use.
  7. Keep checking on the fire periodically and add extra logs when needed.
  8. The hot tub should be ready to use in approximately 3 hours.Please note: A complimentary basket of log is provided. If you need extra logs or would prefer to purchase ready-made kindling this can be purchased from the log store located next to reception, for £5 per bag.