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Get active at Yurtshire : New on-site activities available from Lost Earth Adventures

21 January 2022 by  

Get active, explore the great outdoors and truly embrace the Yorkshire countryside whilst staying with us in 2022. Paddleboard or Canoe on the Lake at Eavestone, or Rock climb and experience gorge walking off-site.

We are very proud to announce our new partnership with Lost Earth Adventures, which offer a range of exciting activities for Yurtshire guests.

With activities available on, and off-site, all guests of Yurtshire can enjoy the beauty of Yorkshire whilst experiencing new, exciting activities. Find out below the range of activities on offer for all Yurtshire Guests in 2022.

On-site activities at Eavestone Lake

Paddle Boarding

Improve your balance, appreciate the great outdoors and try one of the fastest-growing UK watersports on the beautiful Eavestone Lake, whilst staying at Yurtshire.

Stand up paddleboarding is ideal for small and large groups, with dedicated instructors who will have you up on the boards and sauntering across the serene lake on your first session.


Take to the water of Eavestone Lake on a canoeing session. Suited for all abilities, Lost Earth Adventures will have you sauntering across Eavestone in no time.

On-site activities are available to all Yurtshire guests, including those staying at Yurtshire fountains. 

Offsite activities available to Yurtshire Guests

Rock climbing 

With a rich variety of gritstone and limestone climbing venues on offer in the Yorkshire Dales, why not experience Rock Climbing whilst staying at Yurtshire.

With Brimham Rocks just a 10min drive from Yurtshire, you’d be climbing in no time. Climb to your heart’s content in the morning, take a break for lunch before taking a wander around the formations in the afternoon rigging up your ropes almost anywhere you would like to climb.

Gorge Walking

You’ll be exploring an ancient gorge, carved out over millions of years in the heart of Yorkshire. Water twists and turns its way through smooth limestone channels, cascading over waterfalls and running down natural chutes.

You’ll be jumping, scrambling, swimming and boulder hopping into exhilarating rapids and clear waters. Deep pools to jump in from lofty heights, a spicy waterfall climb, slide down chutes into plunge pools, scramble up boulders and play in cascading waterfalls while discovering the thrilling activity of gorge scrambling. A unique adventure guaranteed to put a grin on your face and get the heart pumping!

To book any of these fantastic activities for your 2022 Yurtshire stay, book directly with Lost Earth Adventures. We highly recommend booking early to avoid disappointment.