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The X factor, but without the X factor

23 September 2014 by  

Our yurts constantly provide amazing holidays for friends and families around the UK. This year has been no different and we’re thrilled to have welcomed so many amazing people to our three yurt sites in Yorkshire and Warwickshire. You could say that our sites have the x factor, but they certainly don’t show the x factor.

There is no electricity in our yurts so TV is well and truly off the menu. What’s on the menu though, includes long lay ins, no email alerts on your laptop, cooking and eating together, getting back to nature, walking hand in hand, plenty of laughs, candlelight and minimal distractions.

If that sounds like something you and your clan could do with this autumn, we still have plenty of availability in our yurts before the end of the season. Get off the grid, enjoy relaxation of the purest kind and make some awesome memories before 2014 turns into 2015! See you in Yurtshire!