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Visit Before The End Of Our Season

4 November 2014 by  

We’ve had a fantastic season in 2014. We’ve welcome loads of amazing guests and are pretty sure that our sites have been the venues for memories to be made and will be remember in those memories for years to come. We announce that Yurtshire will be closed this month on Sunday 16th November.

You don’t have long left to visit us in 2014 but we still have last minute availability. If you have a couple of days holiday from work to use, or fancy escaping the rat race for a couple of days, we have the sites for you. Relax in a yurt, get off the grid and refocus. If you’re struggling with sleep at the moment, our yurts are also perfect for you as people often sleep better and dream more in yurts.

So, as disappointing as it is to approach our end of season, we must look back with a smile on our face at the months gone by this year and hope that a few more people can make memories in Yurtshire before we close for 2014. Don’t forget, you can now book for 2015 too!