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28 July 2015 by  

The school holidays are upon us and there are plenty of memories to be made here at Yurtshire. With three glamping sites situated around the UK, get yourself off the grid, take some time out and enjoy family time with your loved ones this summer.

Whilst are yurts are on sites which allow you to relax and unwind in the peace and quiet, they’re not so ‘in the middle of nowhere’ that there is nothing to so. Tourist towns are just a few miles away so if Yurtshire is the perfect place to base yourself if you fancy checking out new locations in the UK.

Light a fire as a family, cook over hot coals, play cards on the decking, take silly selfies, enjoy a glass of wine as a couple once the kids are down for the night & then sleep like you’ve never slept before! Make plenty of amazing memories! Don’t forget to share those photos with us over on Facebook too!