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Relaxation Is A Click Away

24 March 2015 by  

Do you feel run down? Tired out? Need a break? We have some good news! Proper, pure & unbelievable relaxation is available at Yurtshire and you can book your visit today!

People often tell us that they sleep better in yurts than they do in their own beds. Whether it’s the countryside air, the beautiful surroundings, the peace & quiet, who know, but it’s worth having a look yourself. Don’t just dip your toe in and consider whether you should or should not book a trip, jump right in, cannonball style, and soon you’ll be enjoying your own private yurt, natural cooking, wonderful walks and spectacular views. Who can say no to an outdoor hot tub!?

With 3 locations in the UK, there’s never been a better time to unwind to our off-the-grid glamping sites. You’ll thank us for it! Book today folks.