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Jump For Joy

7 October 2014 by  

Book a family trip to Yurtshire and the whole gang will be jumping for joy! Excitement, adventure and anticipation will be in the air when you announce your impending delve into the wilderness. Family memories are made in nature and when you are well and truely off the grid, you play like you’ve never played before, melt marshmallows over proper fires, sleep peacefully, wake up to the sound of wild birds and enjoy your morning coffee whilst taking in fabulous views before commencing a wonderful day in Yurtshire or nearby.

With no electricity your kids may feel a bit ‘weirded out’ not being able to charge their phone or connect to the internet but by the end of a break in Yurtshire, with no distractions, an appreciation for life, one another and time together will be made. We have Yurtshire sites in Yorkshire and Warwickshire so there is no excuse not to plan a visit. With flushing toilets and hot gas showers, it’s a gorgeous glamping experience rather than back to basic camping.¬†We have plenty of availability left this month and you can also book early for 2015! Don’t miss out, book your family adventure into nature with Yurtshire today!