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How to work on your mental health whilst embracing nature

10 May 2021 by  

Mental health can affect everyone, with many of us currently battling with our own mental health struggles. Just like physical health, mental health needs care and attention to make sure it’s in the best possible state.

With more research being conducted every year, we are finally understanding the true effects of mental health problems, and how best to combat them. We are all now ensuring our own mental wellbeing is at the forefront, and we are all being more conscious of what makes our own mental health better, or worse.

With the rise of social media and the online world, we are now facing more mental health challenges. We no longer seem to have an even work-life balance, and we are being bombarded with social pressures through our digital devices.

Spending time in the great outdoors and offline is not always on our agenda. However, it’s been proven that spending time outside, in the fresh air, can help combat common mental health problems, like anxiety and depression. With that in mind, we have collated some ideas on how you can work on your mental health, whilst embracing nature.

Take your lunch outside

Whether you are working from home, or back in an office environment, leaving your workspace in a lunch break is a great stressbuster. Get in touch with the outdoors by taking your lunch to the local park or even in your back garden. Banish the devices too, this is your time away from the digital world.

Grow your own plants

It is so soothing growing and nurturing something. Whilst it takes time, growing your own plants, fruit or veg is a therapeutic distraction from our modern pressures. Spend an evening pruning, deadheading, tidying and watering for an easy, offline activity for a post stressful day of work. Plus, its eco-friendly!

Exercise in a green space rather than the gym

Keeping yourself physically healthy has a direct impact on your mental health, with regular exercise a must to maintain mental wellbeing. But instead of joining your local gym, consider your own green space first. Going for a run around your local area, having a cardio workout in the local park with friends, or using your own garden as a yoga studio will keep you in touch with nature, save you pennies and you can get your friends involved too!


Take a glamping holiday

What better way to keep in touch with nature and have a true digital detox than holidaying in the countryside! A glamping holiday is better than camping, with luxuries including a bed, hot showers, private toilets and sometimes even a hot tub! Plus you don’t have the stresses of packing everything but the kitchen sink as all the essentials are usually provided.

But what’s more, you also have the typical camping highlights including offline family time, making fires, toasting marhsmallows on a roaring campfire, and the great outdoors. Embrace nature with a glamping holiday this year! Book with Yurtshire today.