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How to limit screen time and switch off from the digital world – often!

14 May 2021 by  

We are all guilty of spending far too much time glued to our digital devices. Phones, iPads, tablets, laptops. We can often switch off one to move to another. And it’s not just us adults that seem to be attached to the digital world – our little ones can often be too!  

Unfortunately, there is a direct link between mental health, digital devices and social media. The impact of these pocket size attention grabbers is pretty astonishing. So, what can we do to combat the link between digital devices and social media? Limit the time we give it.  

Here’s how to in easy bitesize chunks.  

Set Boundaries 

Confining the time, you spend on digital devices and social media to set times of your day is a great way to limit screen time. Implementing simple rules like no phones at the table, in bed or after 9pm are easy to set and manage.  

Did you know, sleep also helps mental wellbeing. Being on devices up until bedtime can directly impact your ability to sleep well. Make sure you are off devices 30mins before bedtime to help sleep better.  

Replace Screen time with other activities & Hobbies  

Do you often spend an evening scrolling? Perhaps your teenagers spend their weekends glued to their devices? Replace that downtime with other activities and hobbies. Perhaps it’s an evening walk, game of football in the park or a classic board game at the kitchen table? Do something together as a family and of course, ban devices!  

Delete the apps that demand your attention & time  

Deleting the apps that grab your attention the most can feel truly liberating. And it doesn’t have to be permanent either. If you’ve had a tough week and need some offline time, deleting the like of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter from your phone can help attain some better boundaries.  

Don’t worry – deleting your facebook or instagram app won’t delete your profile.   

Go off the grid in a rural location 

Taking you and your family off the grid is a sure-fire way to get everyone off all things digital. Seek a perfect location with rural countryside, natural surroundings and even a touch and go phone reception!  

Whether you take a classic picnic, explore the area of even nestle down for an overnight stay, going off grid is the perfect digital detox.   

 How will you be going offline this week? Will you be implementing these practices in your home?