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10 June 2014 by  

If you’re starting to think about a last minute summer holiday, why shell out money to be coped up on an aeroplane, to have your luggage lost and end up sat on an overcrowded beach with people you recognise from home?

Holiday here in the UK, but off the grid, so you can relax in harmony and enjoy family time. A break in Yurtshire is the perfect choice. With three sites across the country, located in Yorkshire & Warwickshire, there is something for everybody. We take glamping to the next level.

Our handcrafted yurts all have steam bent ash beams and a unique round top solid oak door. The chic interiors are both rustic and cosy. Furnished with a double bed and both a double and single futon means the yurts are ideal for either a couple on a romantic getaway or a group of friends or family just wanting to get away from it all.

Select a date, see what sites are available (we have plenty of availability over summer!), book into Yurtshire and then make sure to get your holiday time off work! See you in the yurts!