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Glamping Over Camping

2 March 2020 by  

Yurtshire is set in the midst of Yorkshire’s stunning countryside providing Glamping over Camping. Whilst we encourage the camping, back to nature, experience we want to make it as easy as possible, so we have everything already set up and ready for you. We are very excited to start planning for the new 2020 season opening in April and we hope you will be joining us.

We are currently in the tail end of Winter, the weather is horrible, we have all been cooped up inside avoiding months of rain, that seems to have been relentless this winter.  So why not use this time to look at booking a couple of days break for when the weather improves. Get yourselves back outdoors for some fresh air, feel the sun on your face for that much needed vitamin D and have some good old fashioned family fun.

Yurt Exterior – June 2019

But there are many, much cheaper, campsites that offer that back to nature experience, so why Glamp over Camp?

For those of you that are interested in the idea but are a complete novice to the camping lifestyle, Glamping is a fantastic way to introduce you and your families to outdoor living. It is a way to really get away from the stresses and strains of our hectic day to day lives, without the stresses that camping, in itself, can add to your break.

So for you novices out there, here are my top reasons to glamp over camp.


All the gear and no idea

Once you love the outdoor way of life,  investing in camping equipment could suit you, but before paying out for all the gear when you currently have no idea, glamping is the perfect opportunity for you to try before you buy. – you don’t just need a tent, but airbeds, pumps, sleeping bags, cooking equipment, seating, tables, BBQ, the list is endless and all need maintenance and storage.



Set Up

You’ve managed to prise the Ipad’s out of the kids hands, and arrived at your destination. Now it is time to erect your tent. For a novice this in itself is stressful, add some rain and it is a total nightmare.

Erecting the tent is just the start – now you have to blow up air beds, unpack all the equipment, and organise your tent so there is actually room for you to get in it.

You finally get all set up and you sit down to relax, then other campers turn up and set up right next to you. When the snoring starts at night, it sounds like they are in your bed with you. This isn’t necessarily the case at all campsites, as many do have specified parameters to prevent this, but more and more campsites are squeezing you in like sardines.

Washings facilities

Many campsites do offer a very high standard of washing facilities with lavish shower/toilet blocks. But these are often a good walk from your base,  in the morning the whole campsite has got up and needs to use the facilities at the same time, queuing for a shower in your PJ’s is not ideal.

I’m too old to be on my hands and knees.

Tents do come in all shapes and sizes, if you invest in a large one you can stand up but trust me at some point during your trip you are on your hands and knees, whether it be trying to get off a deflated air bed with stiff joints after sleeping on the floor, or trying to cook on your gas burner on the floor, crawling in tents is inevitable.


Packing up

You finally mange to get into the camping lifestyle, your relaxed and have had an amazing time. The kids have had plenty of fresh air playing out and climbing trees but now it’s time to go home. It takes several hours of packing everything back up, then you get home and have to get the tent back out to dry it. Arrghhh




Don’t get me wrong I love camping, all the above activity suits me and many others very well, but for people who haven’t tried it before it can all be a bit much. Or you simply prefer more comfort, more relaxation and more privacy. That is why glamping is perfect.

Here at Yurtshire, our hand crafted, stunning and surprisingly spacious yurts are already erected for you by our professional operations team.

Each Yurt contains everything you could possibly need, with a “proper” bed, memory foam mattress, luxurious duvets and linen, and plenty of comfortable seating. With your own private decking area outside you can sit back and enjoy your surroundings with the table and chairs provided for you. In addition there is your very own private shower/toilet facilities at your Yurt and if that isn’t enough, for that little extra endulgence is your own private Hot Hub, now you can’t take one of those camping with you….

Yurt Interior – June 2019

The yurts are all a good distance from each other so no neighbours snoring will be waking you up in the night, the only noise you will hear is the sound of the wind blowing in the trees and birds tweeting.

All you need to pack is yourselves, the kids, some clothes and food. (you can even try one of our BBQ / Breakfast packs or get your shopping delivered direct on site to save packing it)

Yes Glamping can be more expensive than camping, but you are paying for someone else to do all the hard work for you. You are paying for someone else to invest in the top quality equipment, set it up for you, maintain all the equipment, your precious time, the private facilities, and that all important Hot Tub.

Yes, you could stay in a nice hotel but hotels just don’t give you that connection with the outdoors, the bricks and mortar block your senses and the wifi is a constant temptation, plus when the kids go to bed your confined to your hotel room.  Glamping is the best of both worlds, a stress free, comfortable, relaxing experience, with the outdoors, your loved ones and the stars above, priceless.

Simply turn up, sit back, relax and release the kids. Heaven.

Guest Photo 2019 – Thank you Charlie and Razak                                        


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