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Glamping in all it’s Glory

1 July 2014 by  

You may think that heading out into the great outdoors camping going days without a shower, eating packets of biscuits and having to go to the toilet in a hole in the ground. Go glamping and your assumptions are miles away from the truth!

At Yurtshire we have everything you need for a peaceful and relaxing holiday, even without electricity. From a cooker and comfortable beds, to a kettle so you can make a brew to go with those biscuits, glamping is your home from home, just without the distractions or jobs of being at home. We even private hot showers and flushing toilets!

Lanterns, candles and torches are also provided and together with the warm glow of the wood burning stove, fire pits and BBQ, it all adds to the romantic ambience and truly magical experience of staying in one of our yurts. Book your break today!