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25 March 2014 by  

You may think that if you holiday in a yurt which is well and truly ‘off the grid’, you wouldn’t have access to certain modern day things that are considered necessities in everyday life. You couldn’t be more wrong. At Yurtshire we have everything you could possibly need! For your comfort we have lavish double beds, comfortable futons and duvets & pillows to just fall into. We also provide additional rugs incase you are cold and to make sure your stay is full of luxury, Egyptian cotton sheets!

For eating and drinking we have a gas stove, kettle, tea bags, cutlery, crockery, pots, pans and a cool box inside the yurt. Outside, for those sunny summer months (or those crazy enough to use it when it’s raining!) we have BBQs for each yurt to ensure there is a smell of sausages and burgers in the air!

There is a private flushing toilet outside of each yurt as well as a private hot gas shower. Make use of the wash bowl and water jug inside the yurt and dry off with 100% cotton towels! To keep the cold at bay here is a wood burning stove indoors and a firepit outdoors, with a complimentary bag of logs too! As there is no electricity, we include lanterns, torches & candles for when darkness falls. Safety is also at the forefront of our Yurtshire minds as each yurt is also equipped with fire extinguisher and fire blanket. There is no compromise!

Book your visit to Yurtshire today and enjoy pure comfort in beautiful relaxing surroundings. Perfect for birthday presents an anniversary gifts! We hope to see you soon!