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27 January 2015 by  

Sometimes life gets in the way. You can spend all the hours God sends at the office, working your socks off and your ultimate goal can perhaps get lost in the translation of corporate emails and budgets. Do you get enough time to yourself, with your family, to see your friends and even just to relax? We know what it’s like, which is why we suggest a break in the relaxing surroundings of Yurtshire.

Open from April, our yurt sites are distraction free, leave the smartphone and laptop at home because you probably won’t get a signal. It’s the perfect place to unwind, refocus and of course relax. Taking time out of the office, out of those same four walls and away from the grindstone is brilliant for your health and even for your business itself. Allowing yourself ‘time out’ will allow your creativity to flow and you’ll see things more clearly when you head back to the office refreshed. Of course, if you’re an employer who sees that their team could do with a break away, to get to know each other away from the water cooler, you could even hire all the yurts on one of our sites. Yurtshire really is, best for business!