Yurtshire Newburgh Priory Useful Information

Please ensure you read the information in your Welcome Pack prior to your visit and make sure all guests in your party are aware of any necessary procedures which may concern them.



The local pub at Coxwold are our key holders for your yurt, and you will need to collect them first upon your arrival.  The pub details are:

The Fauconberg Inn



YO61 4AD

Telephone: 01347 868214

You will be given one or two keys (please advise them how many you will need for your stay) and a map showing you the location of the yurts at Newburgh Priory (YO61 4AS), which is just under a mile away from the pub.

We recommend bringing a few extras such as a torch, ice (cool box is provided), charcoal, swimwear for the hot tub, food and drink.

If you have any problems please call Yurtshire on 01423 895 058 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm) or 07960 493 425

Enjoy your stay!

Visit our website www.yurtshire.co.uk for any further information.